ITA Airways Flight Change Policy in Detailed

ITA Airways Flight Change Policy- Switch Flights Easily

Yes, anyone with flight tickets in ITA Airways who wishes to change their flight can change. However, before making any changes to your ITA ticket, you should know about ITA Airways flight change policy. As per the policy, people can also make modifications free of cost. Let's understand the conditions for the free change along with the Flight change policy:

  1. Flight change can be requested before the travel departure date or even later, as long as the passenger's side has made flight cancellations. 
  2. You can change your flight's destinations against fare differences based on the destination and cabin class. 
  3. Suppose you want to change your destination. You have one month to reserve your flight seat. On the other hand, ITA only provides credit in case the amended fare is less expensive. 
  4. Domestic flights can be changed to domestic flights and international to international tickets only.

How do I change my Flight on ITA Airways Online? 

Do you want to change your flight online? Here is the process of ITA Airways flight change online; it is considered the fastest way. Go to and then follow the steps.

  • Go to the My Flights tab and enter your ticket number and guest's last name. 
  • Then, you will be moved to the manage flight page.
  • You will find the edit option. Click it and make the proper changes.
  • Save it, move to the payment page, and pay the fee.
  • You will receive confirmation on your registered mail, including your new flight Itinerary.

How much is the fee for ITA Airways Flight Change? 

Typically, the fee for Flight changes ranges between $100 to $500, calculated on factors including ticket type, date, and destination. But there are ways that you can use to change your flight where there are no applicable ITA Airways flight change fees.

  • If you have requested changes within 24 hours of reservation and the departure is seven or more days away, the difference is free.
  • At times when passengers are unable to meet the policy, a change fee is applied.
  • Fees may differ for everyone and may be higher for international travelers.
  • One-time flight change is allowed; if the second time you request a change, then you may be forced to pay for both instances.

How do I contact ITA for Flight Change? 

One can change their flight quickly by calling the ITA customer support contact number, 877-793-1717, and dialing on your mobile phone. After that, you will hear the IVR commands and press the buttons according to the instructions. After pressing the buttons, your call will be transferred to the available ITA representative. Then, provide the details they ask for, and soon, you will receive your new ITA flight itinerary.

Does ITA Airways allow name change on tickets? 

Yes, ITA AIrways allows their passengers to change their names if somehow their names are misspelled. Although they can't change their whole name, change can be done up to 3 characters on a full name. Based on the nature of the correction, ITA may charge a fee for name correction.

Bottom Line

This post helped you to know the ITA flight change policy and how to do it. You can consult with the airline's specialists to make any adjustments.

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