Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Faresace Privacy Policy or Statement

We must make content or services from other websites, including our branded website, which can assist you at your convenience. Hence, the other website is not subject to this privacy policy. It is crucial to gather, utilize, and disclose personal information to perform our business functions and activities at in a determined way. We are excellent at making and managing travel bookings on behalf of our customers who request us with the personal information to book their flight ticket at a particular time.

Collecting the personal information:

We organize the personal information you share with our official website. Likewise, sharing your confidential information has the connotation given under your local data shield law. Hence, we prefer to collect personal information at and cooperate with us significantly. You will seek the utmost great facility for your travel arrangements, and booking is essential for travel-related services and products that you can aim for with us anytime.

  • You have to share contact information such as name, residential, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.
  • We gather passport details when you provide them during the booking process.
  • We always capture the payment account information like Credit and debit cards, card & security numbers, expiry date, etc.
  • We also collect information about your dietary requirements and health issues.
  • After accepting the terms and policies, we observe your activities on our website, which you must get genuinely. 

Ways to collect the information:

If you want to know how we collect personal information, go through the following details and enrich general information for collecting some personal data.

  • We understand a notice for general purpose specially provided by you for the accurate information on the website.
  • We get the contact information when you send email notifications about your new or existing products, services, and special offers smoothly.
  • We employ the best features and services for the new features, products, and services in an outstanding manner.
  • It is essential to register yourself before using our website and become a member to use our products and services, and we get that information appropriately.
  • We are experts in adequately merging the information we collect from different sources and providing it to other associated organizations for relevant purposes only.

Cookies Policies:

We always furnish valid cookie policies to protect your essential and confidential data on our official website. We have organized the best security to protect the deposit with the link you shared on our website. You can try the best cookies you must accept when opening the website on your technical device.

Our cookies:

When accessing the website, you must use the cookies and the small text file downloaded on your computer or smartphone. It has a task to determine your device and store crucial information about your preferences or past movements and reactions. Cookies are the best in making the website more convenient and accessible for you in the same manner at any time. First, notice third-party cookies you must accept to show your device and location and especially access the travel services and products anytime.

How does it work with cookies?

Cookies always allow you to interact more effectively with the websites you browse on your device. The website will oblige you to collect and use the information for various purposes, including strengthening and enhancing our website's operation. We track the user's intentions and product requirements request that you can find on the website smoothly.


Collecting information related to travel, services, and products directs you to only general information you can expertly use on our website. You can collect data for travel products, services, trip facilities, and other essential queries you can ask and share on the official website portal at We always put the ultimate step into keeping all the necessary information up to date at a specific time.