How to Easily Change a Qatar Airways Flight?

Can you change your Qatar Airways Flight? 

Yes, Qatar Airways enables customers to change their tickets even after making flight reservations. There can be sudden changes in plans or unavoidable circumstances that do not enable customers to stick to their initial travel plan. In all those conditions, ticket holders can change their reservations. 

Qatar Aways flight change policies:

Customers can make Qatar Airways flight change by following the important flight change policies. Crucial highlights of the policies are mentioned below.

  1. Travelers who change their tickets within the initial 24 hours of flight bookings are eligible for free flight change.
  2. Those travelers who exceed this period and change their flights after this time must pay additional flight change fees.
  3. Flights can only be changed if there is a vacancy on selected flights.
  4. There can be incidences where travelers cannot travel on selected flights due to medical concerns, In that case, they can request free flight change by contacting customer services.
  5. Ticket holders can also change flights if Qatar scheduled flights are delayed for over 3 hours. 
  6. To make flight changes, it is important that travelers pay the additional charges along with the fare difference. 
  7. If the cost of a newly selected Qatar flight is more than the initial option, travelers must pay additional fees; on the other hand, the fare will be refunded-

How do I change my Qatar Airways Flight?

Qatar Airways flights can be changed either online, by reaching at the airport, or by contacting customer services. All the mediums are described below:

Change Qatar tickets online:

Travelers who wish to refrain from continuing with their original travel plans can opt for this medium to make changes instnaty. They need to refer to the sequential steps given below to make use of this alternative:

  • Go to the official Qatar Airways website.
  • Click on the "My trips" option.
  • PNR and passenger's last names must be filled in.
  • You must click on the flight rescheduled option as you get your bookings.
  • You can check for all the flight options available.
  • Pick your preferred option and make the remaining payment.

Contact Qatar Airways customer services to request a flight change: 

Customers can call customer services to request a change of flight. They need to use Qatar Airways flight change phone number: 8777-777-2827, to get a hold of the representative handling flight rescheduling. They can mention their preferences, and the airline representative will make flight changes accordingly. 

Change Qatar reservations by reaching the airport: 

Travelers also have the facility to make flight changes even after reaching the airport premises. They must report to the Qatar customer counter and send their booking details to a concerned representative. The representative will make changes after checking for availabilities. Customers need to pay flight change fees to get their changes completed. 

How much does it cost to change a flight in Qatar? 

To make flight changes, travelers are expected to pay an additional Qatar Airways flight change fee, depending on when ticker holders request rescheduling and travel class. Approximately customers need to pay $ 25 along with the difference of ticket fare as a flight change fee. 

Is Qatar changing flights for free?

Though Qatar Airways charges a fee for changing flights, there are certain below-mentioned cases where travelers can get it done for free:

  • If they request in a risk-free period within an initial 24 hours. 
  • If they encounter a medical emergency.
  • If they are holding travel insurance. 

How late can I change a flight on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways ticket holders can change their flights up to 3 hours before departure. If any travel fails to make changes within this period, then Qatar does not permit changes. 

Where to change Qatar airways flight date online? 

Qatar Airways flight date changes can be made by visiting the "Manage booking" section. Customers can either make use of mobile applications or browse through websites. They must fill in the ticket holder's details to find the tickets and make relevant changes. 


The information presented above is adequate to clarify your concerns regarding the Qatar Airways flight change. Though it is recommended to proceed with Qatar Airways flight date change online, to save time, travelers who are not comfortable with the online procedure can also opt for other alternatives. 

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