KLM Seat Selection Information and Fee

Does Klm Allow Seat Selection in Advance?

Yes, KLM Airlines allows advanced seat selection. You can choose a seat on KLM Airlines at the time of booking and until 2 hours before its scheduled departure time. Further, you can get various options such as online, call, and airline counters to change a seat. So, select an option you are comfortable with and complete your request.

What is the KLM Seat Selection Policy?

The seat selection on KLM Airlines is conducted according to terms and conditions. Further, you can know those provisions by referring to the seat selection policy.

  • If a space is available, then you can choose a seat.
  • The seat that is reserved for disabled persons could not be picked by the abled travelers. 
  • When you do not get a seat at the time of check-in, then the airline could assign any of the random ones. 
  • An unaccompanied minor or a pregnant lady could not choose a seat in the emergency exit row. 
  • When you do not pick a seat at the time of check-in, then the airline could allow any of the random.
  • The airline could offer a complimentary seat for a premium membership member. 

How do I choose my seat on KLM? 

On KLM Airlines, you can get a lot of options for a seat to choose from, so you can get it as per your preferences. Now, you can administer many options to get a seat on the airline and obtain details about those from the bottom.

Use the phone to ask for seat selection with KLM.

One of the uncomplicated and easiest ways to book a seat from the airline is by approaching its customer service on a call. There, you can share itinerary details and a seat of preference. Now, dial its phone number, 1 (800) 618-0104, and select an option from the shared telephone menus ahead.

Select Your KLM Seat Online

When you could approach the airline on a call for a seat, then you would have to pay an additional fare. However, you can avoid those charges by conducting a process online. Hence, the steps for KLM seat selection online have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Get to the website of KLM Airlines 
  • And then, click on the My Trip options 
  • Further, mention your confirmation number with your surname 
  • Now, click on the seat options 
  • Then, a seat map appears, and they choose a seat. 
  • After that, make a payment with any of the available sources. 

How much does Klm charge for advance seat selection? 

The advance selection of KLM Airlines could be done without cost, but it is restricted to certain members and classes. You could have to pay a fee when you are not in one of these. However, the KLM seat selection cost could be around $80 to $350. It could depend on the cabin and routes. 

Why does KLM charge for seat selection?

KLM Airlines is the utmost airline with a profuse facility. One of them is a variety of seat options. However, few are free of cost, and some are chargeable. Further, the fees applied for a seat is dependent on various thing, and that reason could be determined from the bottom:-

  • For better comfortability
  • Finer services
  • More legroom space
  • In-seat power supply

Can you choose seats on KLM for free? 

Yes, you can select a seat on KLM Airlines for free. Further, KLM Airlines offers many cabins to fly with various seats, but there are limited conditions to get a free seat. However, you can find that information by going through the bottom points:-

  • The airline could allow random seats during check-in when you have a basic economy fare.
  • You can pick any seats without charge with a higher class booking. 
  • You can get a complimentary seat on holding an elite status of an airline. 

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