Air France Seat Selection- Choose Your Seats Early

Does Air France Offer Seat Selection in advance? 

You can opt for the Air France seat selection option in advance to get the broadest possible choice for your journey to have a comfortable trip to your dream destination. Despite the seats, you can choose any of the economy cabins, a premium seat at the premium economy cabin, and a business seat in the business cabin. 

  • You can receive the service available on all flights, but is paid. You can select the seats at the time of reservation until 30 hours prior to the departure schedule of the flight. 
  • You need to make sure that selecting a preferred seat depends on the availability of the seat for free but in some conditions mentioned below.
  • When the reservation has been made in La Premiere, you check in online ( 30 hours prior to the flight departure schedule ) or at the airport authority in the Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class. 

Air France Seat Selection Policy 

According to the airline seat selection policy, you can get Air France seat selection free during the booking and check process. If you still do not select the seat, then at the end, the airline authority will automatically assign you a convenient seat option for your suitable journey. 

  • In case you are traveling with family, and you are 14 years old or younger, then you can reserve a seat free of cost two days prior to the flight departure schedule. The airline will make sure that you are traveling together. There will be no gap between the seats, but for that, you must include all the family members in one booking. 
  • If the children travel alone and receive the Kid's solo service, you cannot buy a standard, premium, or business seat online. To get the service, please connect with the customer service executive. 
  • You can choose the child's seat at no extra charge when making the reservation at the ticket online and after buying the flight ticket in my bookings. 

How do I choose my seat on Air France? 

You can choose your seat on Air France at the time of check-in. You can do it on your system or visit the airport and apply at the kiosk machine. You can take the help of the below-mentioned seat selection process. 

  • Open the official Air France site.
  • After that, click on the check-in tab.
  • At the check-in page, you can enter the booking reference number and last name.
  • Now you will get the seat map option; open it and choose your seat wisely.
  • At last, confirm it and get the boarding pass at your side. 

How much do you have to pay for seat selection with Air France? 

The Air France seat selection fees depend on the type of seat you have chosen for your journey as well as the long haul and short haul flight journey with cabin class you have selected at the airline. The fees may vary, but the standard seat selection is free of cost. You can go through the official page of Air France to know more about the seats. 

How to get free seat selection? 

According to Air France, you can select your seat for free based on the availability when you can make a reservation in La Premiere but via online mode 30 hours prior to your flight departure schedule or at the airport in the Economy (Premium Economy) as well as Business cabins. 

Which seat types allow seat assignment on Air France? 

This France-based airline, Air France, offers different types of seat assignment that includes Economy, Premium, Business, and La Premiere Class. These different seat assignments provide a seat with several features so that you can travel comfortably, and you will get a separate LCD screen and headphones. You can enjoy your streams without getting disturbed by others. 

Why is it showing seat selection is not available? 

The Air France seat selection is not available because the airline authority may assign you a seat at the gate. The airline authority may offer it and may charge a fee to do so. The other reasons include aircraft type, fare type, or travel dates. It can be the reason that seat selection is not available because of the maintenance or upgrade work. 

For further details regarding the seats, you can connect with the Air France customer service team at a toll-free number: 1 (800) 237-2747, which is available 24 hours and seven days. 

Can I pre-book seats on Air France?

Yes, you can pre-book the seats on Air France, and you may choose to look for help to book the tickets with them. You can choose to go through the steps below, which shall guide you to the Air France Seat Selection and prebook the seat of choice: 

  1. Flick through Air France's official website, 
  2. Go to the My Bookings option and salvage the reservation using the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger. 
  3. Then, go to the booking summary page, and from the menu icon list, choose the select seat option. 
  4. This will guide you to the seat map of the airline. Choose one from the available seats on the airline and then proceed. 
  5. Next, you can pay for the seats if required and confirm the seat selection. You shall also receive the confirmation through the official email address. 

You can also make the seat selection for the travel by calling the Air France contact number, 1 800 237 2747, and then finding help. After dialing the number, go through the steps below to communicate with them: 

  1. Dial the number and choose a language as required. After this, you will get voice instructions. 
  2. Listen carefully to them and choose the one you want. 
  3. Soon, you will be connected with an executive for the assistance you wish to get. 

What is the best seat in Air France?

The best seats on the flight of Air France are available on the first class. You can choose to go through for the seats on the business or first class of the booking. You can get hold of the best seats on the business or first class of the airline. 

How do I avoid paying for Air France seat selection?

With regard to booking a seat and avoiding paying the fee, you can follow the given points and find the most availed solution: 

  • If the booking has been made in the La Première class. 
  • When you check in, choose auto seat selection. 
  • If the ticket has been booked in the business or premium economy class. 

Will Air France seat you together?

If you are traveling with someone or the tickets are being booked together, you may look for the tickets with the airline to get seats on the airline together. You can even put up a request with the airline for the seats to be assigned together. 

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