Guide to Manage Flight Details & Booking with American Airlines

How can I manage my booking with American Airlines? 

When you are required to manage a reservation made with American Airlines, you can take the help of the website and the call center for your requirements. The explanation for American Airlines manage booking with both of the options is provided here:

Manage reservations through the website

  • Reach the homepage of American Airlines,
  • Select the "Manage Trips" tab,
  • Put the "Passenger last name" and "Confirmation number",
  • Click "Find your trip," and the itinerary will load on the page,
  • Now you have to navigate the required Manage booking option,
  • Then follow the instructions you receive,
  • After completing all the details, you have to pay the applicable charges,
  • And then, the American Airlines flight will be managed as you requested. 

Manage reservations through the call center

  • Place a call at the toll-free number: 1 (800) 433-7300,
  • A representative will connect to the call within some time,
  • Then ask to manage your reservation as you require,
  • For this, share your flight number and the name enlisted on the ticket,
  • The representative will manage your ticket as requested,
  • Then you might need to provide the charges or fare difference,
  • Then, you will receive the confirmation email for managing the Reservation with American Airlines. 

What Services can I access through American airline's manage trip option?

Numerous services can be accessed through the American Airlines manage trip option, and all are listed here:

  • Checking the reservation details 
  • Check-in for your flight 
  • Cancellation of the reservation
  • Changes like date, time, route, or destination
  • Selecting preferred seat and seat upgradation
  • Adding additional assistance or services like meals, baggage, etc. 

What is a PNR on American Airlines and How to Find it?

 A PNR (Passenger Number Record) is a 6-digit code provided on the flight ticket at American Airlines. One can find the PNR number on the right corner of a printed ticket and at the top cell of an E-ticket.  

How do I find my American Airlines confirmation number? 

Below are the ways mentioned to find your confirmation number for a booking with American Airlines:

Booking Confirmation email: You can view the email received just after completing your booking with American Airlines. The ticket details in the email contain the confirmation number. 

Manage Trips option: One can also review the manage trips option on the American Airlines website to check the confirmation email of their flight. It can be found by adhering to the mentioned steps:

  • Go on the AA website first,
  • Next shift on the "Manage Trips/Check-In" window,
  • You will be required to log the purchaser's account,
  • And the booking info will load where you can get your confirmation number. 

Final words

If required, a person having a flight reserved with American Airlines can manage the same as they require. Use the American Airlines manage trips option on the site for any requirement. Above, you will find the guide related to the same that will help you get the details and help on your trip. 

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