Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Upgrade: Cost and Ways

How is a Business Class on Hawaiian Airlines? 

Hawaiian Airlines accommodates exceptional seat comfort to the passengers with lavish dining menus. You booked the flight in economy, but you want to upgrade the purchased ticket due to the long flight. But before upgrading the ticket, you must know whether you are eligible or not and what policies can help you upgrade the ticket. Keep reading this guide to gather all the information regarding business class on Hawaiian Airlines. 

Business class facilities of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines provides numerous types of facilities to the passengers. The Airlines took inspiration from the Hawaiian nature for the seats, design, and many other things. The Hawaiian Airlines business class facilities are quite impressive and comfortable, making the passengers' experience memorable. Some of the business-class facilities of Hawaiian Airlines are mentioned below:

Reclining wheel:

The business class seats allow you to recline a full 180 degrees, allowing you to discover your ideal comfort zone. The Airline has prioritized your control and comfort, making it effortless to adjust your seat position. Whether you prefer a complete 180-degree recline for full relaxation or find that sweet spot for your comfort, the seating is thoughtfully crafted to elevate your travel experience. From takeoff to landing, we aim to ensure you're at ease throughout your journey. 

In-seat power: 

The seating arrangement in the aircraft is designed to cater to your power needs. In each seat, you'll find a pair of USB ports, providing you with multiple options for device connectivity. Additionally, every seat offers access to full AC power. This comprehensive power setup ensures you can stay productive and entertained and keep your camera or other electronic devices fully charged throughout the flight, enhancing your overall travel experience. 

Flexibly designed:

Our Premium Cabin has been thoughtfully designed to provide flexibility for many travelers. Whether flying with a companion or alone, you'll find it suited to your needs. For those traveling with a partner, the cabin offers comfortable seating arrangements that allow you to enjoy the flight together. For solo travelers, including privacy screens ensures you have the personal space and seclusion you desire, creating an adaptable and comfortable flying experience for every passenger.


Embark on an enhanced in-flight entertainment journey featuring state-of-the-art large-format tablets. With the convenience of an adjustable in-seat tablet arm, you can enjoy your entertainment from any angle.

Drawing from Inspired Sources:

The design concept of Hawaiian Airlines blends influences from the captivating Constellation divider, Hawaii's rich natural resources, and the luxurious Poltrona Frau leather. These elements converge to create a distinct Hawaiian ambiance on board.

Exclusive Travel Enhancements:

To enrich your travel experience, Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with Noho Home to craft an exclusive range of Hawaiian Airlines travel products. Beyond mere essentials, these products offer a sensory voyage that encapsulates the essence of Hawaiian storytelling.

How to get an upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you want to get an upgrade on your reserved ticket with Hawaiian Airlines, then don't worry. The upgrading ticket system of Hawaiian Airlines is flexible for the passengers. Certain rules are introduced by the Airlines to get an upgrade. If your departure date approaches, you're increasingly concerned about the comfort of your young children during the journey and the overall travel experience. You can consider upgrading your seats to premium class on Hawaiian Airlines to enhance your trip. Here are the described points to get an upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines: 

Upgrade to first/business class using dollars.

Passengers wanting to upgrade their booked flight tickets must contact Hawaiian Airlines Reservations. If you have purchased a revenue ticket only, the upgrade will be allowed. It might be difficult for the passengers to get an upgrade because the cancellation of tickets is less, and the competition to get an upgrade is low. The upgrade depends on the flight route, date change, and price difference. 

Get an upgrade on the booked ticket with the Hawaiian miles.

If you are a regular customer of Hawaiian Airlines, then you might have collected a large amount of Hawaiian miles. You can use Hawaiian miles to upgrade your booked ticket, and in this process, you have to connect with Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and let them know your reason for upgrade. If seats are available in the upper class, the reservations agent will let you know. You have to pay the extra charges ( if applicable), But it comes under certain restrictions: 

  1. You must use the upgrade from Hawaiian Miles before 26 hours of the scheduled flight. 
  2. With the help of Hawaiian Miles, you can upgrade revenue tickets only. Other than the revenue ticket, you cannot upgrade any ticket. 

Mileage upgrade prices 

Two kinds of mileage upgrades have been proposed for the first class or business class. Both of the types are mentioned below:

  1. First/business saver-  This is the low-priced mileage flight tickets that Hawaiian Airlines offers to the passengers. 
  2. First/ business flex- The price of first/business flex is double that of first/business saver awards. This award is given only on the condition that the First/ business class saver award is unavailable. 

Each award is for one-way flights only and is given to the passengers depending upon availability. 

Get an upgrade on your ticket on the date of departure.

You can upgrade your class within 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure, But you also have to look for the minimum check-in time; after that, you will not be able to get an upgrade. In this process, you might need assistance from a guest service agent that you can find at the airport. The upgrade will cost you the charges (if applicable) established by the Airline. This upgrade shows its dependency on the availability of the seats. 

Members who belong to the group Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold are eligible to get an upgrade concession only on condition that they take a flight within the state of Hawaii, from/to Hawaii and North America; also eligible if booked within the United States ( but not applicable in American Samoa). 

Can you bid for upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines? 

Yes, the passengers can bid for upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines. A process must be followed to get the bid for upgrades. The Bid Up program is a service some airlines offer. Here's what you all need to know about Hawaiian Airlines bid upgrade procedure, so keep reading this guide. The process is described below:

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official site of Hawaiian Airlines. 
  2. Now, search for the Contact Us option on the homepage; click it.
  3. Look for the Check your eligibility on the new direct page.
  4. Here, you have to fill in the passenger's confirmation code and last name in the respective boxes.
  5. Hit the check eligibility button, and wait to open the new page.
  6. Here, you can see all the information related to making a bid. Follow the instructions accordingly.
  7. You may have to pay the extra charges; it depends on the availability of seats. 

How much are seat upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines? 

The cost of upgrading to premium class on Hawaiian Airlines for each family member can vary. Hawaiian Airlines upgrade cost may range from approximately $350 to $1,000 or even higher per person, depending on the specific flight route, demand, and seat availability. Therefore, you must check out the prices first before doing the upgrade: 

  1. If you have taken the nonstop connecting flights from LGB/OAK/ONT/PDX/SJC/SMF and HNL/OGG/LIH/KOA, you will be charged 399 USD.
  2. If the nonstop connecting flight is from AUS/LAS/LAX/PHX/SAN/SEA/SFO and HNL/OGG/LIH/KOA, the charges start from 489 USD.
  3. If the flights are connected between BOS?JFK and HNL, then it will start costing 1,049. 
  4. If you are flying from Australia to Hawaii/North America, the price ranges from 1200 USD, and from Hawaii/ North America to Australia, the upgrade rate will be approximately 900 USD.
  5. When you are flying from Japan to Hawaii/North America, the upgrade prices will begin from 70,000JPY, and flying from Hawaii/ North America to Japan, you will be charged 600 USD.
  6. If flying from Korea to Hawaii/ North America, the upgrade price will start from 650,000KRW, and if you are flying from Hawaii/ North America to Korea, the upgrade's initiation price will be 550 USD. 

Final words 

In summary, the business class offerings on Hawaiian Airlines deliver a travel experience that combines comfort and efficiency seamlessly. With roomy seating, gourmet dining, and personalized service, passengers can anticipate a premium journey with Priority services, access to airport lounges, and a diverse range of entertainment options. Enrich the overall travel experience with Hawaiian Airlines business class upgrade; for the most current info and details about your specific flight, you can visit Hawaiian Airlines' official website or talk to their customer service.

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