Can I Change the Name on an Airline Ticket Delta?

Can you change a name on a Delta plane ticket?

Yes, it is possible to make minor corrections under the Delta name change policy for the ticket reservation that has been made. The airline does not allow you to change the full name you entered while booking. 

What is the name correction policy of Delta Airlines?

If you are traveling with Delta Airlines and want to make the name correction with them, there are certain pointers as part of the name change policy that you need to adhere to. They are stated here for you to refer to:

  1. The name change with the airline is possible until 3 characters, for which no additional charge gets levied from you. 
  2. The entire change in the name is not possible with the airline, wherein minor corrections in the spelling of the name are permitted. 
  3. In situations of remarriage, marriage, divorce, and adoption, the name change with Delta Airlines is possible if all the legally authorized documentation for the same is submitted to the airline's team for verification.  

How do I change my name on Delta flight tickets? 

The best mode to change the name with Delta flight tickets is through the online portal. The methodology that needs to be followed is as stated:

  1. Go through the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  2. Search on the landing page to find the My Trips icon.
  3. Enter the details as asked and access the booking page with the airline.
  4. Scroll on to find the name correction link provided and click on it.
  5. Make the necessary changes, make the name change payment, if any, and submit. 
  6. A confirmation mail will be shared by the airline team. 

Additional mode: The name change with the airline can also be requested at the airport ticket counter by submitting the relevant documents needed. The staff would help with the same. 

Can I transfer the Delta ticket to another person? 

Under the policies regulated by Delta Airlines, you are not permitted to transfer the ticket booking to another person. The airline allows minor modifications in the name in the reservation, but the entire name change is not permitted. 

How much does Delta charge for name change? 

The average Delta name change fee depends on the level of modification that needs to be done. Usually, it ranges between 100 USD and 200 USD, which can vary depending on the extent of changes being made. 

Final words: Perusing the provided information on the Delta Airlines name change policy, process, and fees, you will now have a better understanding of how to proceed with the same. Even so, for further doubts that persist, connect with the airline team as per the requirement. 

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