Detailed Guide to Best and Worst Airlines Customer Service

Airlines with Best and Worst Customer Service in 2023

Nowadays, Customer service is a significant aspect of airline service providers for offering better customer experiences. Choosing a travel companion carefully while planning a journey with family or friends for a vacation or business trip should be your priority for a comfortable journey. There are enormous commercial airline service providers in the US. So, in that case, you must know the best and worst airlines from the US; some are mentioned below as per the services and ratings provided by frequent/regular flyers. 

Norms to be considered as a good or worst airline:

Suppose you want to pick the best Airline from the US after a decisive comparison between different airline ranks. Then you must use the following statements and points to help you gather suitable information before booking tickets.

  • Good customer services: To be considered as best customer service airline in the world, Delta Airlines have provided high-quality customer services, which include benefits like free onboard meals, easy cancellation/refunds and baggage allowance, etc.
  • Worst customer service: The low cancellation rate is of Frontier Airlines as it indicates the best customer service.

As you read the above points, Delta Airlines have won with best customer services with a percentage of 75.77, and Frontier Airlines' overall rank is 29.06. 

US Airlines On-time arrivals:

There are times when most airlines do not offer on-time arrival of tickets, so follow this if you need to acquire more details and for that purpose.

  • Delta airline is a highly rated US-based passenger airline that offers tourists the option of reaching their destinations on-time as they feature with best services and facilities without any delay.
  • On the other hand, some customers do prefer low-cost airlines to travel, and in the end. As a result, Allegiant Air does not have enough staff, and arrival delays are standard.

Delta airline has the highest on-time arrival percentage, at 89.05%, and Allegiant Air has concluded to be the low-categorized percentage with 74.37.

Mishandling of the baggage of US Airlines:

This refers to the baggage's improper handling, which includes delay, loss, diverting, or damage due to anyway, though if you want the information for such queries, you can read the following passage.

  • Best: Most US-based airlines like Allegiant Air and Hawaiian Airlines are low-rated as per customer ratings or have a staff shortage, as you face issues with the mishandling of the baggage facilities.
  • Worst: Top-rated airlines from the US (American Airlines) are well-managed with their travel plans not only for short-haul tours but for long-haul journeys too, and they will accordingly consider the baggage services of the travelers.

Thus, American Airlines have a (7.37/1000) average rate for mishandling of bags, and Hawaiian and Allegiant Air stands out with (2.10/1000) and (1.52/1000) average rate. 

The highest rate for complaints at US-based airlines: 

  • Best: US top-rated airlines like SkyWest Airlines have a lower complaint rate as they offer well-managed services and facilities at both channels, like airport lounges, check-in gates, and in-flight.
  • Worst: But there are worst instances that do get considered by the customers and become the reason for the complaint, which could be flight delays or schedule flight deviations. Some of those airlines are Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.

As complaints are indirectly proportional to best airlines, Frontier Airlines faces the highest customer complaints (0.70/10,000), and SkyWest Air has met the minimum customer complaints(0.03/10,000)

US airlines with check-in services:

At times, there are situations when most travelers face gate check-in issues, and they can't proceed with boarding the flight in time.

  • Best: In the US, a few top-rated airlines, such as Delta Airlines, offer the best services at check-in gates, and passengers will get it done not only at the airport but on-site check-in services too.
  • Worst: On the other hand, there are a few worst customer service airlines in the world, including Frontier Airlines in the US, and they do offer online check-in service, but you will only work for a short time.

As per the passengers in the US, Delta Airlines has offered a smooth check-in experience; on the other hand, Frontier Airlines don't stand up to the mark.

Final words:

So, after reading above comparison of airlines on the basis of various factors, you can conclude which airlines has best customer service and which has worst.

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