Air Canada Advance Seat Selection Guide

Does Air Canada Allow Seat Selection in Advance?

There is always a necessity for one to be aware of air canada seat selection terms and conditions as this prevents you from incurring any additional charges to the airline along with you getting aware which seats are chargeable and which are free:

  1. The airline permits you to choose your seat during booking or check-in. 
  2. However, the airline will assign you a seat randomly if you do not select a seat within a prescribed span. 
  3. Choosing a seat within 24 hours of the booking carries no additional charges. 
  4. Those who are below 14 years are offered a free seat by Air Canada. 

How to select seats with Air Canada?

If you want to choose a seat with Air Canada, below are some of the important methods you can follow;

  • Make a seat selection on the official website. 
  • Visit the website of Air Canada to begin the process. 
  • Click on the Manage My Booking section and type all the details, for example, PNR Number, name, etc. 
  • Choose your flight and click on the Seat Selection Map. 
  • Prefer your desired seat, pay (if necessary), and submit the form. 

Choose a seat at the time of checking in:

 You can also prefer your seat when checking in at the airport. However, the advantage of this can be missing out on your favorite seat. However, sometimes the airline gives you a seat selection map at the time of check-in only. So, ensure you are keeping yourself in the loop. 

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Air Canada?

Usually, the airline offers a free seat selection at check; however, during flight reservations, you may get a free seat, but there are also some air canada seat selection fees you may have to pay to get a seat. Go through the information which is provided below:
Basic Fare. 

  • If you are flying within Canada/Canada-Us, you incur a fee of between $14 and $30. 
  • Purchase a CAD 30/USD seat for the Caribbean and Mexico flights. 
  • For International flights, seat fare begins at $30 and goes up to $61. 

Standard Fare. 

  • You must incur between $14 and $30 for all the Canada and Canada-US flights. 
  • However, the fare varies from destination to destination; hence, you should check the seat costs on Air Canada’s official website. 

Preferred seats. 

  • If you choose a seat based on your preference, the airline will charge you $20. 
  • The price is based on per passenger. And the fares may vary from time to time. 

NOTE: For all the comfort, Flex fares, Business Class, Premium Economy, etc., classes, seats are complimentary, or you have to incur no fee to get a seat. 

When can I select seats with Air Canada?

The airline authorizes you to reserve a seat at the time of booking only. However, the seat selection map is sometimes unavailable during booking; hence, you can wait for it, or the airline will only allow you to choose a seat at check-in. 

Why is seat selection not available on Air Canada?

The airline may have yet to activate a Seat Selection Map on its website, and you can choose it during check-in. However, if you want more clarification, contact Air Canada on helpline number 1 (888) 247-2262. 

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