Can I Reschedule My Flight If I missed it?

Can You Reschedule a Missed Flight?

Yes, you can reschedule a flight after you miss it easily, depending on the airline's policies. Most airlines allow passengers to reschedule their flight after they miss it. If you are thinking, "how can i reschedule my flight if i missed it", you must read further along to get the details, as the passengers can get a ticket to the next flight that is available for free. 

Some airlines may charge a fee for rescheduling, and you may not be refunded if you miss your flight. 

How can I reschedule my flight if I missed it?

  1. You can reschedule your flight if you missed it by contacting a customer service agent at the airport. Usually, the agent will book you on the next flight without charging a fee. You have to give the flight booking details like the booking reference number, the passenger's full name, and the flight number, along with the reason you missed your flight so that the agent can easily reschedule you for the next flight.

  2. Another way to reschedule your flight if you miss it is by calling the customer service number and talking to an agent. After dialing a number, you will get a set of voice instructions that are to be followed to reach an agent. Once you are online with an agent, you must provide the details like the booking reference number, the passenger's last name, and the flight number so that the agent can retrieve the booking summary and reschedule your flight. The agent may ask for the reason you missed your flight. You may be required to make payment for rescheduling the flight, as you may be charged a fee.

How much is the penalty for missing a flight?

The penalty for missing a flight will vary depending on the airline and the policy it has. You may want to consider the points given below.

  1. Most airlines will definitely refund the taxes you may have paid for the booking. 
  2. Some airlines may not refund the flight fare and would charge 75% of the fare as a penalty.
  3. Depending on the reason for missing the flight, many airlines will reschedule you for the next flight free of cost. 

You can go through the information above to help you reschedule your flight after you miss it. If you need any other assistance, call the airline's customer service or visit the office to speak to a customer service agent. 

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