What are Red Eye Flights? and How to book?

What does red-eye flights mean?

Red-eye flights usually depart at night and arrive the following day. Red-eye derives from passengers' fatigue due to insufficient sleep and odd flight timings. Red-eye flights have pros and cons, which are more subjective; many passengers find it more convenient according to their schedule, while others, because of the odd hours, usually do not find these flights worth it.  

Are red-eye flights usually cheaper?

Yes, red-eye flights are usually cheaper. Be it any airline, flights at night  cost way cheaper than flights at other times. The prices are lower because only some people want to travel late at night and compromise their sleep. Therefore, the airline still needs to book those seats, so they offer lower prices. 

Advantages and disadvantages of red-eye flights

There are certain pros and cons of red-eye flights, which are very subjective to different people. There are not-so-obvious advantages of these flights and disadvantages too. 


  • Red-eye flights are usually cheaper than normal flights because many people do not travel now, and the airline offers lower prices. 
  • Since many people avoid traveling on red-eye flights, very few people in the cabin means there is no restriction with the hand luggage. People can carry more extra hand luggage than is usually allowed. And passengers may also have a whole row to sleep or rest peacefully, equivalent to the flights at normal hours. 
  • Passengers flying on the flights at night time do not face any trouble at the airport with the crowd. During the peak-time, airports are usually crowded, so passengers have to wait in lines for the security check and check-in, which can be avoided at night. 
  • Be it your first or last day of vacation, you have enough time to spend during the daytime, and you can travel and relax at night if you choose red-eye flights. 


  • Red-eye flights fly at dusk and arrive at dawn, so the passengers might get insufficient sleep and may remain tired all day. 
  • The turbulence at night time in flights is usually higher than daytime. This can be avoided with headphones, and the passengers might face difficulties if they are not carrying their own. 
  • Red-eye flights can get uncomfortable if traveling with kids or families. 
  • Flights at night time do not have any view 

How to book red-eye flight?

Now, you must be thinking about how to book a red-eye flight. Well, the procedure for booking these flights is the same as how you book other flights. Except you have to search for flights at night and with lower prices. There are multiple ways to book your red-eye flight. The ways are listed below. 

  • Through a third-party site or travel agency. 
  • By visiting the airline's official website. 
  • Passengers can also call the airline's help desk and ask if there are nighttime flights. 
  • Tickets can also be purchased directly at the airport. 

Final word

In conclusion, red-eye flights can be easy on the pockets, offer a great deal with luggage, and passengers can fly in business class. It can also disrupt the sleep schedule and lead to tiredness and insomnia. Passengers can choose to book according to their needs and preferences. 

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