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ITA Airways is recognized as Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A, based in Italy. It is an alliance member of SkyTeam. ITA Airway serves to distinguish domestic and international routes. Traveling with the airline could uncover special offers, low fare availability, free checked bags, advanced seat selection, and many more. However, you can render more information about airways services and functions from the bottom states titles.

Ways to get a ticket with ITA Airways

When you have organized an event and picked out ITA Airways as a travel partner, you can seek multiple modes to purchase a flight ticket. Thus detailed information about ita airways booking modes has been raised underneath.

Get a ticket over call

The booking procedure includes several things that make it confusing and lengthy, but you can overcome those situations by giving a preference to call modes. Moreover, you may have to share the required information of each traveler and pay the cost of tickets. So, the phone number of an airline is +1 877-793-1717, and after dialing, select a language and choose the "reservation" options from the given menus.

Make a Booking Online

When you wish to have a ticket for ITA Airways, then online modes are also a channel to perform a request. You can carry out steps independently and have relevant booking information. Thus the guide to getting an ITA Airways Flight Ticket with this mode is as follows:-

  • Head to ITA Airways' official web page
  • And then click on the "book" options
  • After that, enter your traveling date with the city and destinations
  • Select a flight from the list on the next tab and choose a fare.
  • Now, enter the details of travelers and click on the confirm options
  • Afterward, pay the ticket cost with any of the available modes and click on the finish icon
  • You can obtain details in the register number and emails when your process is completed.

Visit the airline office

The airline operates in various regions, so they have an office in the operating region to attain any requirements. So, when the above methods do not confirm your booking, you can head to a nearby airport office and have a flight ticket. You can get a printed fare and a duplicate in the registered email address.

ITA Airways destinations

ITA Airways provide services to several destinations with the requisite facilities. The ITA Airways Flights can be recognized over 64 destinations in North America, Italy, Europe, etc. However, the operating regions are subject to dynamics that can be excluded or included occasionally. So, when you wish to travel with an airline, contact them for confirmation.

What types of Fares does ITA Airways has?

When you look to book a ticket on ITA Airways, you can get various fare types. These fare types have significant importance, and each differs from the others. However, you can get accurate details by going through the bottom.

Economy Light

  • The fare cost could be around $240
  • Bring one hand luggage with personal items for free
  • The carry-on bags and advance seat selection are subject to fees
  • A flight charge could be around $80
  • Refunds are not permitted.

Economy Classic

  • The flight ticket is about $380
  • Take handbags with a weight of 8 kg and checked bags of 23kgs
  • A seat selection is subject to charges
  • The change flight can cost around $150
  • Refund is excluded from the fare

Economy classic plus

  • The cost for this fare is around $450
  • A handbag with personal items and checked bags is included
  • Flight change is included in the ticket
  • Refund is subject to a penalty of around $112 per passenger

Economy flex

  • This fare can be priced around $580
  • One accessory bag with hand luggage and checked bags is included in the fare
  • Free advance seat selection
  • Refund and flight change is permitted without any penalty

Premium Economy 

  • The charge for this fare could be upto $730
  • Bring one accessory bag with carry-on luggage with a maximum of 8 kg
  • Two checked bags with a weight of 23 kg are also included
  • No additional charges for refund and flight change


  • The cost for the business fare is around $900 
  • Handbags with accessory items are included
  • Upto two checked bags with a weight of 32 kg each.
  • Advance seat selection is free
  • A refund and change are incorporated into the fare


  • The price for this elite fare could be around $1200
  • Two checked bags that are placed on hold for free
  • SkyPriority desk check-in facility
  • Quick security process and priority boarding
  • Complimentary seat assignments

ITA Airways Baggage allowance 

When traveling with ITA Airways, baggage is one of the important elements to watch out for. It is because you could be permitted to travel with luggage by its laid provision. Hence the baggage allowance detail are as such:-


  • You can bring one personal item with handbags to the cabin.
  • The weigh the maximum weight of the bag should not exceed 8kgs
  • The size of the carry-on bag should be between 55cmx35cmx25cm, and it has to fit under the front seat or overhead bin.

Checked bags

  • The maximum number of bags you can submit to an airline is two.
  • Weight should be around 23 kg or 32 kg, depending on the fare.
  • Each baggage should be of a dimension of 158 cm in total.
  • The Economy light fare types must pay the cost of bringing bags on the flight.

Sports equipment

  • Sports equipment under 23 kg is standard, but exceeding it is considered overweight. But the dimensions of the bags should be at most 300 cm in total.
  • The sports equipment could cost from $80 to $110, depending on its dimensions. 

ITA Airways Check-in Timings 

On ITA Airways, you can get a boarding pass through the different modes by performing a check-in process. But the check has a time restriction, and the particulars are as follows:-

  • The online check-in could be conducted at least 48 hours before the flight schedule, but the flight to/from the USA could get only 24 hours window.
  • The check-in limit for international flights could be around 60 minutes, and domestic is 40 minutes.

Is ITA Airways a good airline? 

Yes, ITA Airways is a good airline. Further, you can find this airline as a good one because of the number of functions, and you can render the particulars about the same from the bottom:-

  • The airline is certified as a three-star by Skytrax, recognized as good enough to travel with.
  • You can get a flight ticket at an affordable rate with all the available service 
  • The baggage policies are more lenient, allowing passengers to take more.
  • Get more fare options with certain amenities
  • The seat cost is included in the fare, but there are some exceptions too.

Final words

When you carry on reading to the titles that are mentioned aforesaid, then you avail a sufficient information leading functions of ITA Airways. If you get stuck at any service-related points, approach its customer service team for a resolution.

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