Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy (Full Guide)

Does Turkish Airlines allow cancellation? 

Yes, Turkish Airline allows cancelation. However, the cancellation circumstances could be determined by routes of traveling and fare types. Besides this, when an unexpected region occurs, such as a strike, technical issues, or bad weather, then an involuntary cancellation could be implemented. 

Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Terms and Conditions

The cancellation conducted on Turkish Airlines is governed by its stated statutory provision. Further, you can get information about the same reading to turkish airlines cancellation policy, and those information has been defined at the bottom:-

  • The cancellation charges are waived for a process conducted within 24 hours of ticket purchase. But there has to be a gap of seven days or more in its scheduled departure.
  • If you have an EcoFly fare or promotional ticket, then you might not be eligible for cancellation.
  • If a flight gets delayed more than four hours without any prior notification, then also you can get a window for free cancellation.
  • The ticket purchased with the help of a travel agent could be canceled by them, not the Airline.

How to cancel a flight reservation on Turkish Airlines? 

When your flight ticket is eligible for cancellation on Turkish Airlines, you can obtain distinct modes to carry out the procedure. Thus the details about using those modes are present at the bottom:-

Use its phone number

The cancellation of a flight ticket can involve many steps, and the modes to bypass those are called. There you could establish contact with a live person and share a reason efficiently. For that, you get to dial its phone number, 1 (800) 874-8875, and then choose the “cancellation” option from the telephone menu.

Cancel flight ticket online

When you are facing trouble getting through an airline on call for a cancellation, you can use an online mode. There you can start a process independently, and the steps related to that are as such:-

  • Reach Turkish Airlines' official web page. 
  • Now, select the “manage booking” icon. 
  • After that, submit the booking reference number with the last name.
  • Further, click on the cancel flight options.
  • Then, a cancelation summary tab appears that contains cancellation fees and refundable amounts.
  • Once the process is complete, then you can get an approval message in the register number and email.

How much is the fee to cancel a flight on Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines provides a window for free cancellation. But when a period expires, you could have to pay a penalty to confirm the procedure. Further, the turkish airlines cancellation fees could be around $28 to $280 depending on fare types and destinations.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Turkish Airlines flight? 

Yes, you obtain a refund for the voluntary cancellation of a Turkish Airlines flight. In this case, the Airline could deduct cancellation fees per the flight ticket rule, and the rest can be refunded. Although the turkish airlines cancellation within 24 hours are competent to have full reimbursement, there are some conditions in that refund is ceased for a voluntarily canceling, and those are as such:-

  • EcoFly canceling within 12 hours of departure time
  • Promotional fares could not be permitted to cancel nor eligible for a refund.

How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines cancellation?

Turkish Airlines can give reimbursement for a canceled flight. But those have to be compliant with the fare rules and routes. When you are competent, a refund can be granted within the prescribed time.

  • When you have used a credit card or cash, then the refund process may take 20 business days
  • If a transaction has been made with other modes, then reimbursement could be secured by seven working days.

What if Turkish Airlines Cancel my flight? 

Traveling with an airline is such an unpredictable plan that it can fall out of their hand to complete a journey. So, when you have a reservation on Turkish Airlines, the flight can be canceled too because of air traffic restrictions, bad weather, technical problems, etc. If you are in such a condition, here are the steps that can be taken.

  • Able to rebook a new flight without any additional charges, but fare difference fees could be applied.
  • Get to cancel a booking and appeal for a refund
  • Claim and compensation for missed connecting flight.

Final Words

When you keep an eye on the details mentioned above, you can learn about turkish airlines cancellation compensation and various other details related to compensation. If you get any kind of confusion, then speak to its customer service team.