Eva Air Flight Cancellation Complete Guide (Policy and Fee)

EVA Air Ticket Cancellation Policy and Charges

Suppose you have booked a flight with Eva Air, and later, for some reason, you have decided to cancel. Eva air  allows you to cancel the flight, but you are suggested to inform yourself of the terms and conditions first and then react accordingly. To know the policies for Eva Air flight cancellation, read the points below:

  • If you have booked through a travel agent, you are advised to visit the agent to cancel your flight.
  • If your flight is delayed by more than three hours. In such a case, you can cancel your flight and apply for a full refund.
  • The airline cannot control some cases, such as natural disasters. In this case, they may cancel the flight without prior notification, considering the safety of their passengers, and the airline is not liable for a refund.
  • Suppose a passenger has a medical condition that does not allow them to travel. In that case, they can present their medical report from a certified doctor or hospital, and the airline will cancel their ticket without imposing any charges.

How do I cancel my Eva Air flight online? 

The passengers who know the policies of Eva Air for cancelation and find themselves eligible for canceling their flight might be interested in knowing how Eva Air cancel a flight and whether they charge for it. Yes, the airline does charge for canceling a flight. This section of the article will educate you on the procedure to cancel their flight:

  • Visit the official page of Eva Air.
  • At the top of the page, tap "Manage my Booking" and provide the passenger's last name and booking reference code. 
  • Click on Retrieve Booking to get the booking details. 
  • Now, reach the menu and select the flight cancellation option. 
  • Proceed to complete the form and state the reason to cancel your flight in the comment box and submit the form.
  • After deducting the cancelation charges, the airline will cancel your flight and initiate the refund amount to your source payment.

How do I call EVA Air for Flight cancellation?

The passengers can cancel their flight by visiting the official site or app of Eva Air; however, if they are uncomfortable with the online process and want assistance from the airline's representatives. In such a case, you are advised to dial 1 (800) 695-1188 and get their representative to assist you in canceling your flight. 

How much does a flight cancellation with Eva Air cost? 

Yes, eva air flight cancellation fee when you fail to withdraw a ticket within 24 hr of the reservation. To get to know the charges, below are all the points that are mentioned for you to follow them properly:-

  • The charges to cancel the Eva Air domestic flight ticket must pay between $35 and $50. 
  • If you want to cancel the Eva Air international flight, you need to pay $100. 

Is EVA AIR flights refundable? 

The airline suggests its passengers take refundable tickets by paying a little more for the ticket. The airline will refund the complete amount on such tickets. However, in some cases, even non-refundable tickets, such as medical conditions, death of near ones, and flight delays, are refundable.

Does EVA AIR have free cancellation within 24 hours? 

The passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of their Booking and get a complete refund on flight cancellation. If you miss this chance, you can still cancel your flight but must pay a cancellation charge.

Am I entitled to compensation if Eva Air cancels my flight? 

If Eva Air cancels their flight for technical reasons, they are directly responsible. In such a situation, the airline will compensate the passengers and arrange the next available flight for the same destination. If they fail to do so, they will initiate the complete amount to source payment. 

How to obtain a refund from Eva Air? 

To obtain a refund from Eva Air, cancel  flight , here is all the information you need to know. when you purchase the flight ticket through the official website of Eva Air, navigate to the 'Plan and book/ book online' page, then choose the 'refund applications/inquiry.' Now, you need to submit your refund request, or you can directly connect with the original office to arrange the refund. 
Moreover, if you take your flight ticket from any travel agent, you must contact the travel agent directly and get your refund from them.

How long will it take to get a refund for eva air ticket?

You will get your flight cancelation refund within 20 business days when you make the payment cash or check payment, or when the payment is completed from a credit card, the passenger will get their refund within 7 business days. 

Final words

If you have troubles, you can instantly associate with assistance through phone number+1-281-2090022 to resolve any issue immediately.