Flight Booking Without Last Name

Can I book a flight ticket without a last name?

No, you can't book a flight ticket without a last name. It is compulsory to fill in the passenger's last name. If you don't have a last name and you are wondering How to book a flight without last name, then you must know that it is a must to fill out both first and last name to book a flight successfully. If the passenger's first or last name is not correctly reflected on the ticket and doesn't match the name on the passport, their boarding will be canceled.

How to book a flight without a last name?

If you are wondering about no last-name flight booking, you must know that every airline in the world accepts bookings with a last name. Well, it is a big concern for the people who want to travel but need a last name. If you are also one of them, you can use your first name as your last name. That is, if your first name is John and you don't have a middle or last name, you can book your flight as John John (John being used as both first and last name).

What happens if you forgot to add a last name to a flight?

If you have forgotten to add your last name to your flight at the time of booking, you can modify your booking and add your last name by paying the name change fee. For that, you must visit the airline's website, go to My Bookings, click on name change, change to the correct name, pay the name change fees, and the name on your ticket will be changed.

What happens if the name on the ticket doesn't match the passport?

If the name on the flight ticket doesn't match the name on the passport, then the passenger boarding will be canceled. That's why it is advised to cross-check the information, and if you find out that the spelling of your name is wrong or your first and last name is interchanged. Then, you can change the name on your flight before departure by paying the change fees. 

Final words:

It is advised to fill out the passenger's details very carefully because any mistake can lead to flight cancellation. Many times, it is seen that passengers get confused with the first, middle, and last names on the ticket. Read the booking instructions carefully in such situations or contact the customer service agents for guidance.

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