Qantas Brisbane Airport Guide: Terminal & Contact

What terminal does Qanats use at Brisbane airport? 

Brisbane Airport has two different terminals, domestic and international; moreover, the Qantas are both the terminals for the arrival and departure of flights. The domestic terminals are available at the lower level from the gates to 1-13, and the flights QF400 from above are available here. Besides this, the flights from QF1-QF39 of Qantas Airlines use international terminals. However, you can find details of a flight number online or a boarding pass. 

How do I contact Qantas Airways at Brisbane Airport?

Brisbane Airport is the international airport of Australia. When you have booked a flight from Qantas Brisbane Airport, you can find enough services to make a convenient journey. When you have any sort of confusion about this, then speak with the customer service team and get solutions.

Dial Qantas Phone number

When you are looking to communicate with humans at the airport of an airline, then give a ring to them. This is a less time-consuming procedure and provides a solution on the spot. For that, you can use Qantas Brisbane airport phone number, 13 13 13, and then select an option from the telephone menus.

Visit Helpdesk

When you find a solution face to face, then you can have it at the airport. There, you can easily illustrate any problems related to the offered service and instantly render a solution. Although the help desk at the airport is located on both terminals, particulars about those are as such:-

  • At the domestic terminal:- Level 1, Opposite Baggage Claim 4, Before Security. Operations hours are 07.00 am to 07.00 pm, and the phone number is +61 7 3068 6698
  • On international terminals:- Level 2, Before Security and the phone number, +61 7 3406 3190. Working hours are 05.30 am to 11.00 pm.

Qantas Lost and Found Customer Service

When you have lost an item while traveling with Qantas, you can contact their respective department and obtain a solution. Moreover, the best way to get through to them is call, and the phone number is:-

  • For domestic travelers, 07 3867 3264
  • For International travel, 07 3307 9086

Does Qantas have a lounge at Brisbane International Airport?

Yes, Qantas Airways has a lounge at Brisbane International Airport. Further, you can find the lounge of Qantas on both the terminals of Brisbane Airport. Hence, you can find a lounge for international travelers at level 3 and domestic travelers at level 1. If you have any further questions, then make a call for Qantas Brisbane airport contact, and the phone number is +61 7 3867 3258.