Delta Airlines Atlanta Airport (ATL)

What terminal is Delta at Atlanta airport? 

The passenger who is traveling through Delta Airlines Atlanta Airport has specific terminals allotted for check-in, the details of which are given here as follows:

  • Check-in terminal for Domestic destinations: Near Terminal South, Level 2.
  • International destination check-in terminal: Near Check-in, Level 2, Concourse F.

How to contact Delta Airlines at Atlanta Airport? 

The passenger can connect to the Delta Atlanta airport phone number by simply calling 1 (800) 221-1212, wherein the customer service team at the airport would get connected to provide the required assistance as per the need that arises. Any time of help the passenger would want to avail at the airport can be requested through the calling lines with the assistant. 

Is the Atlanta airport a hub for Delta Airlines? 

Yes, Atlanta Airport is one of the major hubs for Delta Airlines, wherein the airline has the major flying destinations to Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. In around, it flies around to 150 places worldwide, with a daily arrival of 700 flights and departures of around 800. 

Is Delta red or blue at Atlanta Airport? 

There are red and blue terminal areas segregated in the Atlanta Airport for ease of travel. The red area depicts the south curb, and the blue area depicts the north curb with the airline. All Delta Airlines flights have their arrival and departure stationed alongside the red area of the Atlanta Airport.

How many gates does Delta have at ATL? 

Delta Airlines at the ATL Airport has the following gates dedicated to their service:

  • Concourse A - The gates from A1 to A34 serve the Delta airlines.
  • Concourse B- Delta Airlines operates in the gates from B1 to B34.

Does Atlanta have a Delta Lounge? 

Yes, the airline has a premium class lounge at the Atlanta Airport, where the passengers get to relax in comfortable seats and enjoy the delicious meal options served as part of the lounge access program. 

How early do you need to get to the Atlanta airport for a flight with Delta? 

The arrival time for domestic and international departures varies for Delta Airlines at the Atlanta Airport. The passenger needs to adhere to the timings with the airline to get to board the flight on time and to prevent the situation of denied boarding, which is:

  • Domestic Travels: The passenger needs to reach the airport a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • International Travels: The passenger must reach the airport at least 60 to 120 minutes before the flight departs to the destination. 

What services can you access with Delta Airlines at Atlanta Airport?

The passenger can get the following Delta Atlanta Airport customer service to their need that they have:

  • The animal relief area can be visited by passengers traveling with pets. 
  • Access to family restrooms and spa areas where the passengers can relax and rejuvenate during their layover.
  • Ticket counters where the passenger can request all the assistance needed for the flight booking that they have made. 
  • Special assistance provision through the experts at the airport as per the requisition that has been made.